My pedestal

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My pedestal

Post by inky613 on Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:38 pm

Hey everyone,

Here's my arcade pedestal. It's taken 2 years of research, parts gathering and finding someone with a CnC table that was willing to help me build in. The entire build is made of PVC plastic and plexi. There is no wood at all in this build. It rolls on casters that look like rollerblade wheels. Inside is a custom built 4U rack. This way my 4U rackmount arcade pc can be pulled out on rails if i need to service anything.

Control guts:
1x KeyWiz Keyboard encoder
4x LEDWiz LED controllers
1x Turbotwist spinner
1x Electric Ice-t Trackball (RGB)
2x Sanwa JLF 8-way sticks (White LED)
1x Zippy 4-way stick (White LED)
32x Electric Ice-t push buttons w/micro-leaf switches (RGB)
2x Aimtrak lightguns w/recoil (not in picture) located in-between the plexi blades and the center column in metal Happ holsters (from terminator arcade machine)
1x Bliss-Box 4play (to connect retro controllers)

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Re: My pedestal

Post by James M on Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:41 am

Man, this is fantastic work. Love that plexi on the sides too!


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