NEW UPDATE PROCESS -- AS OF October 10/2017

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NEW UPDATE PROCESS -- AS OF October 10/2017

Post by James M on Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:53 am

We have changed the UPDATING PROCESS in order to eliminate drive fraud and streamline the process; and also prevent occasional sync issues for some users. The whole process is now automated, and is a much easier process; once it is set up.

Please see the instructions below.


There were a few "false starts" of the wrong drive getting detected and some error messages. We released 3 versions before the final; so, if you tried before 10/20/2017, you might have an older process. IF your drive gets to the Syncovery update screen, that is fine, it'll get the final version when Syncovery updates.

On 10/20 Chris had posted the final update process that he and I completed. It fixed ALMOST all issues. There was still one issue: Alternate profiles.

#1: Only the 8tb and 16tb can have alternate profile. 2TB and 5TB users, YOU CAN IGNORE THIS ****
#2: Alternate profiles mean you don't use a single 8tb drive for both the first and the 8tb+ drive

These are both fixed in the item below.
****************************** PROCESS UPDATE ******************************

As of October 2017 we are moving away from manually sending a syncovery profile to each user. We are doing customized per-drive access to download your profile. We will give out a password to the entire group; this is the update process password to allow the program to run.

When you run the program, it downloads your profile and imprints a key of your computer. PLEASE, do NOT give out your profile or help anyone else; it will show up as fraud caused by your drive, and you can get banned from the group and all future updates.

If you have not already downloaded the file, here is the new process:

First, delete these folders from your drive before you start:
D:\Arcade\System Roms\Utility\
D:\User Options
D:\XXX_ Folders (there are two folders on root that start with XXX or ZZZ. They are the old process and can be deleted. If not sure, you can skip these two folders (but not User options and system roms\utility above) and leave the old process. It will be deleted automatically the first time you run the new syncovery process)

Next, download this file containing the new installation process:

Note, the file is password protected. The password to open the file is: HyperArcadeSystems.com_Passcode_hjeu73jhj3hed

When you run get this file, open the 7zip. If it has a single folder like "Extract this folder to root" you'll need to open that subfolder. You should then see a handful of folders including "Arcade" and "User Options"

Highlight all those folders and drop them into the ROOT of your D Drive. It goes in root, so that is D:\ not D:\Arcade\

NOTE if you put the first folder "Extract to root" into D:\ You'll have an error because you'll have two arcade folders for example. You'll have D:\Arcade and also D:\Extract to root\Arcade etc along with the other folders. This will not work. Similarly, if you extract the subfolders correctly, but into D:\Arcade instead of D:\; you'll have a similar issue (You'll have a D:\Arcade, and also a D:\Arcade\Arcade\ for example). So, make sure you do this process carefully.

Once extracted. Go to the Update process and run the new updater. It's in folder: D:\1. New update process\


The syncovery update installer walkthrough (not the file download & extract above)... This means you don't just run Syncovery.exe on its own anymore! The updater walks you through the pre-setup getting your profile and then launches Syncovery for you... WHEN IT IS DONE, the installer walkthrough will come back and finish up some questions to fix YOUR drive. It will even set up your Settings Saver backup to get your saved game lists and save states back!

But, again, do not skip this process to try to go straight to Syncovery.exe. Why? Because my settings are not the same as yours. 1. it loads the 16tb xmls. It loads xbox settings, it loads my personal settings for lightguns. It loads my xbox settings for dolphin etc. If you have a different setup, like ipacs or whatever, you need to run this EVERYTIME.

Important note 2: Read everything in the installer/ syncovery1 time. Do not just click through blindly the first time. Future times, that's fine, but the first time around, at least read what is happening and what you may have to do.

That will walk you through the process of updating your drive, and tell you when it is complete.

When complete with the first time on this new process, you should probably run the new Initial Install process. This is like re-installing your drive for the first time, but this is now all automated too. There were a LOT of control and emulator changes with this release; so, we recommend doing this. If you choose not to do this and have errors, please try doing this process and see if still have the error--only then post error to this forum. We expect errors if you do NOT do the initial install process after this update, so we don't want to answer multiple threads that have skipped this step this time around.


If you can't get the files to run, or you get a 'missing file' error, you probably extracted the files wrong. Read the above part about extracting the files closely, and make sure you didn't do the D:\Extract this folder\Arcade\ or the D:\Arcade\Arcade errors mentioned above.

If you are getting the wrong profiles: Its probably because you don't have files in the right places. Basically this works by detecting files, and if it doesn't find it. Well it looks for the next set of files and determines what profiles should be downloaded.

Settings saver has been reset to the old version. If you downloaded the new graphical one, sometimes that one hangs and you had to right click it in the bottom corner and stop the script. One thing to note. IF YOU CHOOSE TO SAVE YOUR SETTINGS USING OLD LINEAR (multiple questions) VERSION: WAIT FOR IT TO FINISH. WAIT FOR THAT REDISH TYPE SCREEN TO DISSAPEAR! This may even take a few mins. BE PATIENT!


Note, future updates you will not need to download any files or ask for any profiles. You'll just be given a new password. Run the updater program, put in the new password, and proceed. You will probably not need to do the initial installer process after syncing for FUTURE updates; unless we do another update with a lot of emulator changes.


Finally, please remember, these updates are free. The drive is sold AS-IS and the updates are free and optional. We have put in a lot of hours to get this working. Please be mindful of that, we are only human and its seriously draining to everybody involved when we see complaints, demands of "go back to the old method", or people asking for help because they don't want to take 5 minutes to figure it out-- if all 500+ people did that, we'd 40+ hours of work to do... not fair to us, we all already have full time jobs and are not being paid to help you.

I hope this helps!

James M
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