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Game in wrong system Empty Game in wrong system

Post by rotravi on Sat Nov 11, 2017 6:05 pm

Hello. I'm new in here but have a question regarding a game.

Boulder Dash is an old classic that have been released in many versions through the years.
The version I have a question about is this one :
"Boulder Dash (1985 – Arcade) – in 1985 another arcade version was released on Data East's "DECO Cassette System", with improved graphics but a reduced display grid on a vertical monitor"

The thing is..this game is not under Data East but located under MAME.
I might be wrong but as it is from the Arcades i would presume it should belonge in the Data East wheel.

And if so...there might be many games "trapped" within MAME.

Would be interesting to hear views about this issue. ..


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