hacked wii u/cemu question

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hacked wii u/cemu question Empty hacked wii u/cemu question

Post by Michael Dale on Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:43 pm

Maybe someone can help me here with this as I am sure there are some working with hyperspin and hacked systems....

Okay, I am trying to figure out what I want to do next. I have a hacked wii and Chris hyperspin 8tb. I know I want to buy Chris 2nd drive but I am trying to figure out best way to set up a hacked wii u as well. I know there is something called loadliine and now I guess you can install games if you have it in wud format which is supposed to be better I guess. My main question is trying to save download work.

What format does the Wii u cemu games come in on Chris drive and if they are not in format for wii u can they be converted easily? I remember I had to convert files for gamecube to work on my wii. If it is similar process that be fine. I am just trying to save download time. This is my biggest concern. I don't mind converting files if it is possible.

I have long debated on what to do on the wii/wii u side of things but I think my kids have a more fun time if I hacked a wii u. They currently understand my hacked wii better then hyperspin. Hopefully, I can figure it out. A wii was not that hard but a wii u seems to be a little different. I like to hack the vwii on the wii u and just transfer my wii stuff there and add the wii u games to the other side. I am just trying to figure out best way to do this. I am most concerned with time so if Chris files will help me on this project I will order his drive first as for me personally there are some games I like playing with an xbox controller. But some are fun with wii u stuff. I know I can set up dolphin bar to use with the emulators. However, as cemu doesn't work completey yet I see some value in hacking a wii u and replacing my hacked wii in my media center room. I like to have both is what I am trying to say. I see value in both. I am just trying to figure out best way to do files. I hate downloading large files if it can be avoided.
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