8TB drive detected as 5TB drive when updating

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8TB drive detected as 5TB drive when updating

Post by Memotech1982 on Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:38 am

Hello All,

When I run Syncovery updates, my drive is being detected as 5TB and not the 8TB package I purchased. Is there a file that should be moved or deleted?
Also, is there a batch file that auto maps all the systems to their emulators and roms? Some systems aren't mapped to their required path for emulator and roms.
Thanks for your help Team!



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Re: 8TB drive detected as 5TB drive when updating

Post by James M on Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:48 am

It means you do not have all the roms downloaded and set up correctly... that’s the only way that can happen.

Do you have the 8tb spread across two drives?

Did you download and extract ALL the roms and to the proper places?

Go into a dos window and type this:

(You should now be in the root of the D directory)
(Next type this, wait for it to complete, might take few min)
dir /s /b /o:n /a:d > directorylist.txt

When it is done it’ll say complete and file created. You can close the dos window, and then open explorer and in the root directory ( D:\ ) of your d drive should be a new file called directorylist.txt

Get that, move it to desktop, and post it here.

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