Are we going to send out a message when to start updating

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Are we going to send out a message when to start updating

Post by Jackst333 on Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:36 am

I agree we should not update when Chris shows off new items, also talking about future items. Therefore, I see we have a folder for updates can we use that for stating that the new items are ready for updating and it has passed beta testing. This way nobody has to contact Chris anymore. He is to busy and can not help everyone. If we want to have a clean a working system lets have the team work on it and and a notice will be sent out the best download is best for everyone. I agree quarterly is great. But when does the quarter start and end? This is what I am asking. So we should have Milestones and Project Timelines to go by. Yes I am asking a lot but this will keep everyone from downloading from the sync-recovery app. Thank you team for doing a GREAT job. It is almost perfect now we need to have everyone follow the rules.

Thank you



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Re: Are we going to send out a message when to start updating

Post by James M on Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:01 pm

Jack, great idea. Admins are just talking about this now.

Chris works so fast, we try to reign him in lol, but he posts as soon as he finishes something he's been working all day on. Problem is everyone things they then need to 'go grab that download' right away. Bad idea. Just do it once a month; and myself or another admin will post "everything good on this update" for everyone.


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