Harddisk brand/type 8TB

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Harddisk brand/type 8TB Empty Harddisk brand/type 8TB

Post by Thunderbird on Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:46 pm

Hi. I was wondering what brand and type of drive people prefer to use. I see that Seagate have both Barracuda 8TB and Ironwolf 8TB that could work. Looking at the specs the look very similar to each other.

Ironwolf is mainly for use in NAS, but it might be more reliable in the long run? Or will Barracuda do fine? I can't see any performance difference from the specs. Running the drive from an external enclosure what do you guys prefer when going for 16TB and 24TB etc. ?


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Harddisk brand/type 8TB Empty Re: Harddisk brand/type 8TB

Post by zeenon71 on Sun Feb 18, 2018 6:05 pm

I think you’ll find here, retro reddit forums, and most retro FB pages the standard is either the external seagate or external western digital. Most people shuck them and they are cheap $129 to $139 (USD).



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