[SOLVED!] Problems after upgrading frpm 2TB to 8TB (Directed to the posts that have all the answers)

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[SOLVED!] Problems after upgrading frpm 2TB to 8TB (Directed to the posts that have all the answers)

Post by pommyboy on Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:22 am


I originally bought the 2 TB drive and quickly fell in love with the setup and bought the 8TB a few days later.

When I now run the setup it detects i have the 2TB drive.  How do i tell my setup that I have now got the 8TB?  I have downloaded 90% of the system roms for the 8tb but still only populates the game lists as per the 2TB



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Re: [SOLVED!] Problems after upgrading frpm 2TB to 8TB (Directed to the posts that have all the answers)

Post by James M on Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:35 am

There are a few threads about this in the solved section, and also in the updates section.

First, you have to download EVERYTHING. It checks for certain games and if you don't have it, it lowers down until it finds the right roms. So, even though you have 90% of it downloaded, if you didn't put them in the right folders or get that last 10%, it won't work.

Second, when you update, it'll ask if you changed computers or got a new drive. Say yes to this; and that will recheck your drive type.

If any issues, see the support threads that tell you how to fix. It even lists it in the pinned facebook post as one of the first things to check.

The answer to this (and many other questions) can be found in the Pinned Posts sections in the support section.

Please go here to find the answer for this issue:


FYI Marking this post solved, this doesn't mean that we will not continue to help with this issue. Moving this because the above will solve this issue 99% of the time and help other users; so we want to get it to the SOLVED section. If you are still personally having the same issue, please continue to post in this thread and we will continue to assist if we can; the moving of the post is to help others, it doesn't mean we are ending viewing this thread.


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