Thank you to everyone who has bought the drive and is contributing to it in their own way

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Thank you to everyone who has bought the drive and is contributing to it in their own way

Post by Sahadd Prawser on Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:06 am

I just wanted to take a moment to show some appreciation for all of the drive purchasers that are actively working together here. Some things that are really contributing to everyone's success and enjoyment on this project:

  • Using the forums properly vs trying to post on Facebook for support

  • Using the proper communication channels for purchase enquirers or issues only Chris can deal with

  • Posting back status updates in the forums on your issue to let everyone know when a solution is found

  • Posting ideas on how we can further improve the drive

  • Finding fixes on your own and posting them here so we can update the drive servers to sync it for everyone

  • Taking a little time to send Chris screenshots to complete the missing media we had as we work towards 100% original 8tb drive completion

  • Taking time to politely work together on everything we are discussing here in general

  • And of course: Having some fun while we do it!

A genuine thank you from me personally, I truly do appreciate the people on here and seeing everything that is going on inspires me to find more ways to help now and in the future!


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