[EMULATOR] CRT_emudriver or groovymame?

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[EMULATOR] CRT_emudriver or groovymame? Empty [EMULATOR] CRT_emudriver or groovymame?

Post by brentj on Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:13 am

I'm blown away as a new user by how thorough even the 2TB drive is and what amazing work is behind its organization and its installer. wow!

I wanted to try to find the best solution for supporting native resolutions on my Wells-Gardner CRT.  Before I used an ArcadeVGA card.

But I've read a lot about more resolutions supported natively by CRT emudriver and was hoping to get that to work.  But I'm new enough into my reading I may be missing something but it seems it may need GroovyMAME as its emulator.

Does anyone know what's involved if even possible to use emudriver with this awesome collection?



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[EMULATOR] CRT_emudriver or groovymame? Empty Re: [EMULATOR] CRT_emudriver or groovymame?

Post by James M on Sat Sep 01, 2018 1:37 pm

GroovyMame is a very old and decommissioned version of mame, it won't work with our romset.

The native solution should be supported, and we also have 'shaders' that can help mimic CRT or other displays as well. This should be automatic out of the box, and if your resolution looks stretched you can use bezels (the images around the screen to make the sides smaller, so the game itself isn't stretched). Run the Master Control Panel in the D:\User Options folder, and read the extras at the bottom... "Tell me about Shaders" and "Bezels" will help


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