[EMULATOR] CRT_emudriver or groovymame?

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[EMULATOR] CRT_emudriver or groovymame?

Post by brentj on Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:13 am

I'm blown away as a new user by how thorough even the 2TB drive is and what amazing work is behind its organization and its installer. wow!

I wanted to try to find the best solution for supporting native resolutions on my Wells-Gardner CRT.  Before I used an ArcadeVGA card.

But I've read a lot about more resolutions supported natively by CRT emudriver and was hoping to get that to work.  But I'm new enough into my reading I may be missing something but it seems it may need GroovyMAME as its emulator.

Does anyone know what's involved if even possible to use emudriver with this awesome collection?



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