The old saying is Put your money where your mouth is.

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The old saying is Put your money where your mouth is. Empty The old saying is Put your money where your mouth is.

Post by Jackst333 on Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:04 am

What I am saying is that I have bought items on line before and as soon as you hand over the money the site dries up. No support. This can be a large company to a Ma-Pa site.

As for the Hyper Arcade system I bought several years ago from Chris is a System that keeps on growing. No it is not the "Energize Bunny" but it is Chris Shaw. His system is state of the art in the Arcade world.

When you read his website it says they have updates and newer items coming. For me I started off with a 8tb and then jump to a 16TB system quickly. Now a 24TB System on the WAY. Every time I have a question, Problem he is there. Anytime Day or night and anywhere in the world. This was great when he was first starting off several years AGO! but.....

Now as the community grew larger the time Chris has been limited. But Chris loves what he does so he reach out to the community of Hyper Arcade fans and ask for help to answer question so he can focus on business an always keeping and eye on his servers. Plus newer items in the pipe line.

Well these fine Ladies and Gentlemen that took up the challenge has not only given support they Design easy ways to install, Created simple ways to enter problems for the team Chris has made admins of his site so we and get the most out of your system. So thank you all to took the leap of support and Thank you Chris for a get system BY KEEPING the ARCADE DREAMS ALIVE........ Example I used a Bally Arcade console and had a Tape Real that recorded my games on them. All these great Games you all keep alive brings me back to my childhood many years ago. So thank you for everything you are doing to keep these great games alive as a Great Arcade Group.

Jack Stephens


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