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Ideas for this sub

Post by James M on Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:13 pm

  • Best places to buy special parts
  • Best Trackball/Spinner/Joystick/Buttons/Controllers
  • Cabinet Plans and Instructables
  • Minimum Software -- What to run 1st through 5th gen games
  • And what upgrades needed to run 6th gen and later games (i3 Chip, 950GTX Vid Card, etc)
  • Slagcoin Layouts
James M
James M
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Final Boss

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Re: Ideas for this sub

Post by Sahadd Prawser on Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:18 pm

I have some resources on this and also can put the Canadian opinion on that as I've used a mix of Canadian and American suppliers. As I actually start building mine and getting organized I will contribute to this thread for sure.


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Future arcade build (have most parts already) 4 player arcade with 2 aimtrack guns, 2 spinners, force feedback racing wheel and blissbox adapter with original controllers for the following systems: NES,SNES,Genesis(3 and 6 button controllers), N64, Dreamcast, Wii/WiiU, Xbox one. Might add PS2 controllers but I always hated those.
Sahadd Prawser
Sahadd Prawser
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Final Boss

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