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Set Up help (paid gig) Empty Set Up help (paid gig)

Post by on Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:22 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have the new 16 TB drive but I just can't get it set up correctly. I can't get most of the emulators to work. I tried troubleshooting a lot of my own. I know Chris has made it pretty easy, but unfortunately I almost never used PC computers. I'm a lifelong Macintosh guy. Also I would much rather pay somebody to set up for me because time is money in my profession, and this would take me forever to figure out. Can anyone help get the emulators going for me using Teamviewer? Happy to compensate pretty generously. I know this takes a special expertise that I do not have but that some of you certainly.

Brad McConville

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Set Up help (paid gig) Empty Re: Set Up help (paid gig)

Post by ShyTalk on Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:12 pm


You sound just like me - I usually throw money at problems. I’m not sure i’m expert enough to be paid to try to help over team viewer but happy to try and help here.

Have you been able to run the recovery/update over Chris’ server as per the instructions or as per the video? I think this usually resolves alot of the issues. My first experience with the drive was that I couldn’t install because it hung at the point of trying to install the arcade guns. Not sure why, but, Chris kindly helped me out this way.

If you could contact Chris i’m sure he’d help too.

What point have you gotten up to with the install?


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